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Through cooperative research projects, the ZMT has built up an extraordinarily extensive scientific network in tropical and subtropical countries. Since its founding, the ZMT scientists have supervised well over 100 doctoral students and about 220 MSc students, mainly within the ISATEC course, from more than 50 countries. Every year, more than 50 international guest scientists of various career levels – ranging from students to professors – visit the ZMT.

Winning the competition “Research Alumni Strategies” of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the approved funds now support the implementation of the comprehensive alumni strategy at the ZMT.

An Alumni Relations Office has started its work at the ZMT. Our alumni are welcome to join our lively network and take advantage of our offers, activities and events which are under progress.

  • ZMT Alumni Network on LinkedIn: Recently, we established a ZMT alumni group on LinkedIn. Being part of the alumni group, you can discuss and exchange information about research, publications but also future collaborations and training possibilities. Furthermore, information on alumni events, funding opportunities and job openings will be provided on a regular basis. To join the ZMT Alumni Network, please first register on (if you are not a LinkedIn member yet), and then use this link.
  • ZMT-Newsletter: Highlighting interesting information for our alumni, the ZMT- Newsletter will be send to you twice a year and provides the latest news on research and publications, collaboration activities, alumni events as well as training opportunities.
  • Network events such as an alumni kick-off event at the ZMT in Bremen but also regional events...and much more...

ZMT Alumni Ambassador Initiative

The ZMT Alumni Ambassador Initiative has been launched in September 2015 to further strengthen ZMT’s alumni network. There are currently 19 alumni ambassadors supporting the overall development of the alumni programme by building up regional and national alumni networks in their countries. They inform junior scientists and colleagues about ZMT’s research foci and possible collaboration opportunities. Ambassadors also have the opportunity to become mentors, supporting either visiting guest scientists from the ZMT or scientists from their country, who are working at our institute in Bremen.

Being an ambassador has many benefits:

- Opportunities of guest visits to the ZMT
- Access to ZMT- published papers through our library
- Ambassador portraits, presentations, and publications on the ZMT website

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for ZMT, please send an email to the Alumni Relations Officer: Kristin Gembiak.

Alumni Ambassadors: Who we are...

Alumni Registration

Please register here to join the ZMT Alumni Network - stay informed about current research and collaborations, contact former friends, and get the latest updates about funding opportunities and career pathways.


Kristin Gembiak
+49 (421) 23800 - 147