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Importance of river catchments for the coasts

Within the framework of the preparation for MARE:N, the funding programme for coastal, marine and polar research of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the ZMT is inviting German experts for coastal and catchment research to a workshop on March 2nd. The workshop will focus on the importance of river catchments for coastal research.

Coastal zones play a crucial role in geochemical material cycles. They accommodate a large degree of biodiversity and provide habitats and resources for millions of people. Rivers transport nutrients and organic material from their catchment areas into the coastal waters – for this cargo the hinterland of the rivers is of crucial importance. Intensive land use, hydrological regulation and global warming are leading to changes in the quantity and composition of the transported materials. In turn, these processes impact the ecology, economics and management of the coastal zones.

The efforts to implement sustainable coastal zone management require a comprehensive understanding of the processes in the hinterland of the rivers. In many regions of the world, knowledge about these processes is very incomplete. The workshop participants plan to draw up a position paper for the Coastal Research strategy group of the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM). The document will discuss the current research status and the need for research on the importance of river catchment areas and will provide a basis for discussions concerning the MARE:N programme.


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