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Positive Evaluation of the ZMT

Tremendous success for the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology! In today’s meeting the Senate of the Leibniz Association recommended the further support of the ZMT by the Federal Government and the States. The Center succeeded in convincing the reviewers of its scientific performance and its concept for future developments.

The recommendation was preceded by an external scientific evaluation in 2013 by internationally recognised experts. Each Leibniz institution is regularly evaluated by the Leibniz Senate. This involves an independent assessment of how the institution has developed in recent years with regard to content and structure. The assessment focuses on the cooperation with other institutions, the international visibility, the transfer of research results into other sectors of society, the promotion of young scientists and the concept for the future development of the institution.

The Statement of the Senate of the Leibniz Association in detail:

The Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology, Bremen (ZMT) explores with great success the ecosystems and resources of (sub-)tropical coasts and their use. As the Senate of the Leibniz Association stated in its assessment, which was published today, the Center makes a valuable contribution to finding answers for urgent global environmental issues. In general, the Senate assessed the scientific achievements of the ZMT as very good; especially the consulting services were deemed to be excellent. Overall, the Center has already achieved a high profile, also due to the successful combination of natural and social scientific methods, although it has only been a member of the Leibniz Association – and thus benefited from its support – since 2009. In its statement the Senate underscored the impressive development the ZMT has made since then. It has not only expanded its research programme thematically but has also set new regional priorities. The Center’s engagement in networks within German and international marine research, in the Leibniz Association and in the university environment of the State of Bremen has become intense and fruitful. Thus, as the Senate recommended, there are very good prospects for expanding the share of external funds in the overall budget. The Senate recommends continuing the further granting of funds to the ZMT.

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