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ZMT trainee receives award

For his design of an electronic warehouse management system, 19-year-old Robin Remmers has received the AWI-DKB Training Award 2013. Remmers, one of the first four trainees at the ZMT, is being trained in the IT department to become a computer specialist for software development.

“Until recently, we always had the problem that everything was just put down somewhere. Now, however, when I look for a plug, Robin’s software tells me where to find it,” explained Thomas Rau, head of the IT department. Robin Remmers is his apprentice. During a six-month period in the first year of his training, Robin developed the warehouse management system, alongside vocational school and his daily work in the IT team of the ZMT. Several thousand items can now be tracked down without any problems. Behind this is a database that is fed information via barcode scans about the incoming and outgoing items from the warehouse. When items are running low, it even sounds an alarm.

“That is a task that one should really only be able to do at the end of one’s training, said Rau, who also is a member of the Bremerhaven IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) examination committee for IT specialists. He is therefore very well qualified to assess the trainees’ achievements. He is pleased with the motivation of his trainee, who appreciates the versatility of the work at the ZMT. Remmers is not only interested in IT but also in biology. “I can imagine supporting the work of a scientist here at the institute in the near future and providing the software for specific calculations or expanding the research database,” he said, describing his future plans. He has almost two years to go in his training.

With the AWI-DKB training award, the Friends of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) and the German Credit Bank (DKB) honor projects of trainees who work in institutions for polar, marine and climate research. The award is specifically for trainees in the non-scientific field. This year the award went to two recipients and is endowed with a total of EUR 5000. The first prize went to Robin Remmers. The award ceremony took place on Thursday, 21 November 2013 in the Climate House in Bremerhaven.


Thomas Rau

The award ceremony (Photo: I. Sanz Jannke, ZMT)

The two award winners (Photo: I. Sanz Jannke)

Zur Preisverleihung (Video)

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