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ZMT main contributor to YOUMARES 2012

Starting as casual and informal students meeting, YOUMARES is heading towards the international league of well-established scientific conventions. However, YOUMARES is different: The event addresses young researchers from marine sciences and related disciplines and offers a format which is tailored to their particular needs.

Under the topic “Between Space and Seafloor - Aqua vita est!” young academics are invited to Lübeck from 12th to 14th of September 2012 to contribute within ten different theme sessions. The sessions’ variety is broad and reaches from deep sea to aquaculture and socio-economy up to remote sensing and theoretical modeling. This year’s event will be hosted in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology (EMB) in Luebeck.

The ZMT is again, like in the previous year, instrumental in planning and performing the convention. Young scientists from all disciplines of the ZMT are going to host own theme sessions, contribute as speakers or present their current work on posters. YOUMARES is the name for the international conference of young marine researchers and engineers organized by the working group on ‘Studies and Education’ of the German Society for Marine Research (DGM). The working group is lead by the ZMT PhD candidate Marc Einsporn, who is also the responsible joint coordinator of YOUMARES. The scientific direction has been passed to ZMT coral reef ecologist Sebastian Ferse, who is a member of the working group and the head of the Young Science Committee. This newly introduced board contains approximately 25 junior scientists, who are responsible for the quality assurance of all submitted contributions.

At YOUMARES, it’s the young scientists’ chance! They can participate from the bachelor level on. They suggest own session ideas, chair the sessions with support of experienced scientists and give talks – all by themselves. During the ‘MiddayMentoring’ the network factor can be focused, while having dinner with established senior scientists and leaders from economy, who are also invited. The general concept of YOUMARES is to keep it familiar and relaxed to offer a real peer-to-peer exchange. For this reason, the number of participants is restricted to 200 people from all over the world.

Applications and contributions for oral or poster presentation can be submitted from now on and are most welcome.


Marc Einsporn
Leibniz-Zentrum für Marine Tropenökologie
Tel: 0421 / 23800 – 79
Email: marc.einsporne-mail addresszmt-bremen.de

Scientific theme sessions

• Water resources in coastal areas – scarcity and management implications
• Between Sea and Anthroposphere: Marine socio-economics in an era of global change
• Environmental changes in the pelagic: consequences and acclimatization strategies - from plankton to fish
• The aquatic climate archive: tracking the rise and fall of ancient civilizations. Lessons from the past, for the present and the future?
• Marine Energy – Sustainable utilization of natural forces and sources
• Aliens from inner space: Where do they come from, what do they do and how can we stop them?
• Integrated Aquaculture – Polyculture of plants, invertebrates and finfish
• Ocean Modelling: Theory & Concepts
• Physical Oceanography – Between Measuring and Modelling
• Reefs from shallow to deep – environmental constraints and perspectives

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Marc Einspron from ZMT is coordinator of Youmares

Poster session, Youmares 2011