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New graduate school SUTAS starting 2013 with integrated research in Sansibar

Great success for the ZMT: The institute has been awarded a grant to fund a new graduate school in the internal Leibniz Association competition for project funds. SUTAS (Sustainable Use of Tropical Aquatic Systems) is dedicated to elucidating socio-ecological issues in tropical coastal regions from an interdisciplinary perspective. The new graduate school will strengthen the special education profile of the ZMT, as it will encompass the topics of ecology and marine resources and even topics related to health.

In accordance with the complex issues, the spectrum of research disciplines represented in SUTAS is multidisciplinary. It encompasses marine ecology, fisheries biology, microbiology and sedimentology, and also includes social sciences and epidemiology. In a specified region of interest, graduate students from different disciplines will work together in groups, thus facilitating interdisciplinary research and a broad understanding of tropical coastal systems. The first group will work in Zanzibar, where the ZMT has been active for years. However, the graduate school will be open for applications from all interested doctoral students with related research topics.

SUTAS offers a structured programme with a profile that is unique in Germany. The declared aim is to provide in-depth training to young scientists both within and across disciplines. The members are closely interconnected in a network of national and international partner institutions. Through this programme structure, the doctoral students will become familiar with an approach that is essential for understanding complex socio-ecological issues.

Besides the ZMT, the consortium in Germany behind SUTAS includes the Universities of Bremen and Oldenburg, Jacobs University Bremen, the Leibniz Institutes Senckenberg at the Sea and BIPS – Institute for Epidemiology and Prevention Research as well as the International Ocean Institute (IOI). Research institutes in the target countries also belong to the consortium; the Institute of Marine Sciences and the State University of Zanzibar are participating in the current research project.

A strong commitment to the education and training of young scientists from Germany and abroad has long been a hallmark of the ZMT. Since 1991, together with the University of Bremen, the ZMT has offered the international Master’s program ISATEC (International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology). With SUTAS, the interdisciplinary research approach of the ZMT will be firmly established in the doctoral program and at the same time, the marine sciences training in Bremen will be complemented by a focus on current and emerging issues.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Wolff
Tel: 0421 23800 – 127
Mail: matthias.wolffe-mail addresszmt-bremen.de