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Chemical Laboratory

The chemical laboratory supports the scientific research at the ZMT with a broad range of analytical tools and a diverse set of laboratory and field equipment. The tackled scientific questions are related e.g. to element cycles, ocean acidification, identification of key compounds, degradation rates of metabolites and monitoring of environmental parameters.

The established routine measurements build the basis for the institute’s scientific research. Results provide information about e.g. amino acid composition, fatty acid profile, particle size distribution, micro nutrient content, isotope ratios (13C/15N/18O), and element content (e.g. organic carbon, total nitrogen, trace elements, including heavy metals). Special attention is put on waste management with focus on environmental protection.

The technical personnel participate in method development and in research expeditions. The technicians are engaged in the planning of field sampling to ensure best quality of the data.

Head of Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Donata Monien
+49 (421) 23800 - 103
Laboratory equipment: a selectionMeasuring parameters
Mass spectrometer Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen isotopes
Elemental analyser Solid phases of carbon and nitrogen
ElectrophoresisProtein, DNA / RNA
High-performance, high pressure liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with UV-VIS and fluorescence detector DL-amino acids
Ion chromatograph Ions, monosaccharaides, amino acids
Inductively coupled plasma optical emission Spectrometer (ICP OES) Trace elements
Laser diffraction device Particle size
Gas chromatograph Phosphorus, nitrogen compounds, fatty acids
Helium pycnometer Density of solids
RespirometerOxygen consumption of marine organisms
Field devicesMeasuring parameters
Flow injection analyser Nutrients
Multi-parameter systems and CTD'sOxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll, redox potential
FluorometerChlorophyll, ammonium, chitin, fluorescein
Thermal alkalimetric titration unit Alkalinity
Pulse amplitude modulation meter (PAM) Photosynthesis
Acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) Water depth, currents
Winkler titration unit Oxygen
Measuring system SundansPartial pressure of CO2
Shallow depth echosounder Migration patterns of fish