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Public Awareness

Tropical coastal ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds are highly productive habitats, where flora and fauna are found in delicate balance. Climate change and the inevitable consequences of population growth will have dramatic effects on these ecosystems.

A greater appreciation of these unique ecosystems is urgently needed. The ZMT regularly develops activities to provide information to people of all ages concerning tropical coastal ecosystems, their vulnerability to human impact, and the need for their scientific study.

Special project: Fiction Meets Science

The ZMT is taking part in a project which focuses on how research activity is represented in literature and gives selected writers the opportunity to gather impressions as “participating observers” about the day-to-day work of researchers. more ...

Lectures, exhibitions

The ZMT informs the public about its research activities and results through organised lectures and exhibitions. more ...

Projects with school classes

With school classes the ZMT implements joint projects which provide an introduction to the functioning of tropical marine ecosystems as well as associated conservation issues. See an example: more ...

Expedition blogs

Visit our expedition blogs, in which young scientists from ZMT report about their expeditions and their workaday life in the tropics. more ...

Media library

Media reports, documentaries and picture material about our work…have a look at our media library! more ...


27.4.17, 9:00 - 13:00
Future´s day at ZMT: Experiencing Marine Research