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for Students and Scientists

The ZMT organises conferences, symposia and workshops within the framework of its cooperation with international organisations and programmes as well as on behalf of scientific societies.

The ZMT Colloquium offers scientists, PhD students, and invited guests the opportunity to present results from their current research. All interested parties are invited.

29.6.17Guest lecture, (BEST Lecture Series)
Host: A. Merico, T. Jennerjahn
Impact of Fisheries and Global Warming on Marine EcosystemsProf. Dr. Daniel Pauly, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of British ColumbiaZMT Seminar room17:00 - 18:30
14.6.17LectureReflections on the UN Ocean ConferenceDr. Werner EkauZMT Seminar room12.00
7.6.17LectureTrait-based across-system analysis of mangrove communities and processes: MADAM revisitedDr. Aline QuadrosZMT Seminar room12:00
31.5.17LectureHomo sapiens: surprising features of a super-speciesProf. Dr. Agostino MericoZMT Seminar room12:00
25.4.17Guest lecture, (BEST Lecture Series)
Host: A. Merico, T. Jennerjahn
Seagrass global crisis – how to survive exposure to hypoxia and sulfideProf. Dr. Marianne Holmer, Department of BioloUniversity of Southern DenmarkZMT Seminar room17:00 - 18:30
19.4.17Guest lecture
Host: A. Merico
Developmental bias and its contribution to evolutionary trajectoriesProf. Dr. Kim Hoke, Department of Biology, Colorado State UniversityZMT Seminar room12.00
6.4.17Thesis defenceUnderstanding macroalgae to inform ecosystem modeling and management in
the Galapagos Marine Reserve
Paul Tompkins (ZMT)ZMT Seminar room11:00
Host: A. K. Hornidge
Governance for the long term: searching for strategy and scale. Lessons from Canadian boom/bust research Prof. Dr. Kristof Van Assche, Faculty of Extension & Faculty of Science, University of AlbertaZMT Seminar room15:00
15.3.17LectureGlobal aquaculture production and climate change adaptationDr. Nesar AhmedZMT Seminar room12:00
3.3.17 PhD defenseModelling coral reefs to support their local management: A case study in the Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia Sara MiñarroZMT Seminar room10:00
28.2.17LectureTrade-offs in complexity from ecology to sociologyJan Olaf Mirko Härter Niels Bohr Institute (University of Copenhagen)The Box,
Wiener Strasse 7
8.2.17LectureDefining temperature stress in two sea cucumber speciesHolger KühnholdZMT Seminar room12.00
25.1.17Guest lecture
Host: M. Zimmer
Structure and dynamics of caribbean mangroves: influence of resources, regulators and hydroperiodProf. Josè Ernesto Mancera Pineda, Universidad Nacional de ColombiaZMT Seminar room12:00
21.12.16Guest lectureTracking the human predator from space - a new tool for fisheries managementKristina Börder, Biology Department Dalhousie UniversityZMT Seminar room12.00
7.12.16LectureCoral reefs and coastal protection in the 21st CenturyDr. Daniel HarrisZMT Seminar room12.00

Other events

Lecture Series "Macht im Widerspruch"

The ZMT (Prof. A. K. Hornidge) coorganizes the lecture series "Macht im Widerspruch" of the Initiative "World of Contradiction" at the University Bremen. The talks take place every Wednesday from 18 - 20:00 at the OEG 3790. To the programme...
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