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für Wissenschaftler und Studenten

Das ZMT organisiert Tagungen, Symposien und Workshops im Rahmen seiner Zusammenarbeit mit Internationalen Organisationen und Programmen sowie wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaften.

In Vortragsveranstaltungen wie dem Institutskolloquium bietet es Wissenschaftlern, Doktoranden oder geladenen Gästen des ZMT die Möglichkeit, aktuelle Ergebnisse der eigenen Forschungsarbeiten vorzustellen. Hierzu ist jeder Interessierte eingeladen.

Gastgeber: A.-K. Hornidge
The new geographical precision of the SDGs: how civil society and coastal areas come into focusDr. Hart Nadav Feuer, Kyoto University, Kyoto, JapanZMT Seminarraum12:00
27.11.15Gastvortrag: Alumni Talk
Gastgeber: M. Wolff
The Ramsar Regional Center for Training and Research in PanamaDr. Arturo Dominici Arosemena, Ramsar Regional Center for Training and Research, PanamaZMT Seminarraum10:00
Gastgeber: H. Reuter
Using Bayesian and network approaches to understand an indigenous Australian fishery and a quota trading market for rock lobsterDr. Ingrid van Putten
CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Hobart, Australia
ZMT Seminarraum12:00
19.11.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: A. MericoWhat is Bayesian statistics? Dr. Marcel Reginatto
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)
ZMT Seminarraum14:00
11.11.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: H. WestphalClimate Impact Research at PIK and links for cooperationsDr. Ingo Bräuer, Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK) e. V.ZMT Seminarraum12:00
10.11.15Gastvortrag "Women in Science"Creating more opportunities for women and men by redistributing (working) timeProf. Jutta Allmendinger, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für SozialforschungZMT Seminarraum17:30
9.11.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: H. WestphalNanoparticles and the EnvironmentProf. Dr. Lutz Mädler,
Universität Bremen
ZMT Seminarraum12:00
3.11.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: A. Rovere Multiproxy assessment of Holocene relative sea-level changes in the western Mediterranean: sea-level variability and redefinition of the isostatic signalDr. Matteo Vacchi
Cerege, Labex Ot-Med, Aix-En-Provence, France
ZMT Seminarraum12:00
14.10.15VortragOGUMI: A software to run Common Pool Resource experiments in continuous-timeDr. Gunnar Brandt
Dr. Micaela Kulesz
ZMT Seminarraum12:00
Gastgeber: A.K. Hornidge
Beyond profits? An inquiry about media for social transformation in Argentina and BrazilMaximiliano Vila Seoane, Universität BonnZMT Seminarraum12:00
30.9.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: H. WestphalFrom research to impact – can NGOs contribute to disseminate scientific
findings? The example of mangrove rehabilitation in Asia
Prof. Harald Kächele,
Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschafts-forschung (ZALF) e. V., Müncheberg
ZMT Seminarraum12:00
15.-16.9.15Internationale Konferenz "SIRTRE 2015"Small Islands Research in Tropical Regions – The Spermonde Archipelago and other Case StudiesDiverseMakassar, South Sulawesiganztägig
9.9.15Doktoranden-KolloquiumResponses of the scleractinian coral holobiont to organic nutrient enrichmentClaudia PogoreutzZMT Seminarraum12:00
Gastgeber: H. Schwieder
The microbiome of the soft coral Lobophytum pauciflorum under environmental stressWiebke Wessels, James Cook University, Townsville, AustralienZMT Seminarraum12:00
24.-28.8.15SUTAS Summer SchoolMolecular Phylogeny in Biodiversity Research: A Basic IntroductionDiverseZMT und Universität Bremenganztägig
19.8.15Doktoranden-KolloquiumBacterial response to elevated dissolved organic carbon in a central Red Sea coral reef ecosystemAnny Johanna Cardenas BarbosaZMT Seminarraum12:00
12.8.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: A.K. HornidgeLocally Embedded Adaptation Planning: A trilogy on the adaptation of flood-affected people in Kampung Muara
Baru, Jakarta
Hendricus Simarmata, Universität Bonn und Indonesisches Ministerium für PlanungZMT Seminarraum12:00
28. - 29.7.Workshop Tajikistan´s Episteme, Croosroads Asia and our marine futureDiverseZMT Seminarraumganztägig
22.7.15Doktoranden-KolloquiumSpatial and temporal structure of larval fish assemblages in an "inverse estuary", the Sine Saloum system (Senegal)Hans SloterdijkZMT Seminarraum12:00
15.7.15Doktoranden-KolloquiumAssessing the state and impacts of the artisanal reef fisheries at the Kenyan south coastPaul TudaZMT Seminarraum12:00
Gastgeber: B. Fedder, Büro für Wissensaustausch
Complying with "Access and Benefit Sharing" within the academic research sectordiverseZMT Seminarraumganztägig
8.7.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: M. GlaserStudying the governance of social-ecological systems: generic design principles, diagnostic frameworks and archetypical patterns Klaus Eisenack, Uni OldenburgZMT Seminarraum12:00
Gastgeber: A. Merico
Social-Ecological Regime Shift Avoidance via OstracismDr. Alessandro Tavoni,
London School of Economics and Political Science
ZMT Seminarraum14:00
3.7.15Gastvortrag Certified seafood – A legal assessment of current practicesProf. Dr. Alexander Proelß,
University of Trier
ZMT Seminarraum10:00
1.7.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: A. SchlüterHigh Seas Governance (Development of a UN Implementing Agreement and
regional approaches)
Sebastian Unger, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, PotsdamZMT Seminarraum12:00
25.-26.6.15WorkshopSession 1 (ZMT): Coastal Systems and Human Dimension
Session 2 (MARUM): Climate Change and Ecosystems
Diverse25.6.15, Session 1, ZMT

26.6.15, Session 2, MARUM
24.6.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: H. WestphalHypersaline lakes of Christmas Island (Line Islands, Central Pacific) - a window into past unorthodox microbial carbonate factoriesProf Dr. Joachim Reitner, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen ZMT Seminarraum12:00
3.6.15Doktoranden-KolloquiumPopulation and ecosystem- based fisheries assessment in the Rift Valley Lake Koka, EthiopiaGashaw Tesfaye ChekolZMT Seminarraum12:00
3.6.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: M. WolffPost 2015 Agenda on SCP (Sustainability Consumption and Production):
What Role for Economics and Economists?
Praveen Jha, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, IndiaZMT Seminarraum11:00
28.5.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: A.K. HornidgeSensory Excursions in the Production of the Everyday Prof. Dr. Kelvin E.Y. Low, National University of SingaporeZMT Seminarraum12:30
27.5.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: H. WestphalEnvironmental Assessment of a Coastal Zone in Southern Vietnam: A multi-proxy approachDr. Sandra Böddeker,
Technische Universität Braunschweig
ZMT Seminarraum12:00
22.5.15Symposium5th Coral Reef Ecology Symposium DiverseMPI für Marine Mikrobiologie, Vortragssaalganztägig
21.5.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: S. FerseDynamic biogeography: forecasting species invasion and future habitats distributionDr. Valeriano Parravicini, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, PerpignanZMT
Seminarraum F8
20.5.15Doktoranden-kolloquiumCarbonate chemistry and coral reefs in the Papagayo Upwelling System, Costa RicaCeleste Sanchez NogueraZMT Seminarraum12:00
19.5. und 20.5.15Berufungs-vorträge Professur "Marine Ökotoxikologie" des ZMT und des Instituts für Chemie und Biologie des Meeres, Oldenburgdiverse19.5: ZMT / 20.5: ICBM Oldenburgganztägig
13.5.15Doktoranden-kolloquiumMacroalgae of the Galapagos: Distribution, Productivity, and SedimentologyPaul TomkinsZMT Seminarraum12:00
11.5.15SymposiumSymposium zur Zukunft der biologischen Forschung in DeutschlandDiverseZMT Seminarraum11:00
6.5.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: H. WestphalHow Do We Contribute to an Effective Common European Asylum SystemRose Baaba Folson Minerva Consulting and ResearchZMT Seminarraum12:00
Gastgeber: H. Westphal / A. Rovere
Internal Waves and Carbonate SystemsDr. Luis Pomar, University of the Balearic IslandsZMT Seminarraum12:00
22.4.15Doktoranden-kolloquiumThe application of cellular energy allocation, oxygen consumption and metabolic enzyme activity as potential condition indicators in sea cucumber aquacultureHolger KühnholdtZMT Seminarraum12:00
15.4.15VortragCoastal Aquaculture and Climate Change in Bangladesh: Pain & Gain Prof. Dr. Nesar AhmedZMT Seminarraum12:00
1.4.15Doktoranden-kolloquiumDisentangling local and global drivers of coral reef condition on Pacific islandsAmanda FordZMT Seminarraum12:00
25.3.15Doktoranden-kolloquiumA trait-based model for describing the adaptive dynamics of symbiosisNomenjanahary Alexia RaharinirinaZMT Seminarraum12:00
23.3.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: I. NordhausManaging ecosystem services of mangroves in the era of restoration: physical, biogeographic, and anthropogenic driversProf. Dr. Shing Yip Lee, Griffith University, AustraliaZMT Seminarraum10:00
20.3.15Verteidigung der PromotionMovement patterns and habitat use of the exploited swimming crab Scylla serrata (Forskal, 1775)Hilke Alberts-HubatschZMT Seminarraum16:00
20.3.15Verteidigung der PromotionVulnerability and marine resource dependence in coastal and marine social-ecological systemsDaniella Ferrol-SchulteZMT Seminarraum14:00
5.3.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: N. MoosdorfGroundwater-ocean interaction and its effects on coastal ecological processes – are there groundwater-dependant ecosystems in the coastal zone? Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz,
James Cook Univ., Townsville
ZMT Seminarraum13:15
Gastgeber: A. Kunzmann
Shipwrecks, treasure hunter and archaeologists in Indonesia: contested economic and heritage interestsDr. Mai Lin Tjoa-BonatzZMT Seminarraum12:00
4.3.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: A.KunzmannPresentation of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)Prof. Dr. Iskander Zulkarnain, Präsident des LIPI, IndonesienZMT Seminarraum11:30
Gastgeber: M. Zimmer
Chances and limitation of using
meta-barcoding in ecological studies
Pierre Taberlet
und Eric Coissac, Universität Grenoble
ZMT Seminarraum10:30
25.2.15Verteidigung der PromotionDinitrogen fixation in coral reef ecosystems facing
climate change
Ulisse Cardini ZMT Seminarraum16:00
25.2.15Doktoranden-kolloquiumEstimation of the
ecological carrying capacity of a bay's system subjected to bivalve aquaculture
Lotta KlugerZMT Seminarraum12:00
Gastgeber: M. Wolff
SeasonalVariability and Estuarine Fisheries: The Case of Tanbi Wetland National ParkAdam Ceesay, University of Felix Houphuet Boigny Cocody, GambiaZMT Seminarraum12:00
18.2.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: H. Westphal/C. ReymondReef-scale adaptation influences the threshold of tolerance of large benthic foraminifera Amphistegina lobifera to the effects of ocean warming and nitrification Martina de Freitas Prazeres
University of Queensland
ZMT Seminarraum12:00
Gastgeberin: H. Westphal
Benthic foraminifera as biological indicators of eutrophication in the
coastal zone of Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Dr. Gita Roshni Narayan, ZMTZMT Seminarraum12:00
4.2.15Doktoranden-kolloquiumThe response of calcifying organisms to environmental and geomorphological changes. /
Observations on the reproductive biology of Ethmalosa fimbriata (Bowdich, 1825) in Senegalese waters
Natalia Herrán / Julian DöringZMT Seminarraum12:00
18. - 21.1.15Workshop
Gastgeber: H. Westphal
1st ZMT Workshop on Science for SustainabilityDiverseZMT Seminarraum09:00 - 19:30
Gastgeber: H. Reuter
Natural Recovery of Tsunami Impacted Littoral and Mangrove Forests in Nicobar Islands, IndiaDr. Nehru Prabakaran
Chennai, India, Gastwissenschaftler ZMT, Leibniz DAAD
ZMT Seminarraum12:00
7.1.15Gastvortrag Gastgeber: M. ZimmerBiological ecosystem traits influenced by structural changes in foundation speciesDr. Virginia Schutte, University of Georgia, School of Ecology, Athens, USAZMT Seminarraum12:00